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Centrifugal Pumps

A Centrifugal Pump is a hydraulic machine consisting of a set of rotating vanes enclosed within casing, to impart energy to a fluid through Centrifugal force.
SKI Centrifugal Pumps are of simple design and of standard specifications.
DELIVERY CASING: volute type, made of close grained cast iron. Smooth passage & ample strength to withstand the highest working pressures.
IMPELLER: single suction, one piece, shrouded type, made of special graded cast iron and balanced so that there is no vibration. Secured on shaft by key and Impeller nut. The outside is machine finished and accurately balanced.
SHAFT: Made of high quality steel. Accurately finished and having ample size to transmit maximum power without vibration. It is fitted on one side with best quality deep grooved 6305 ball bearings and on the other side in gunmetal bushes.
STUFFING BOX: Extra deep. Gland packing prevents leakage of water through Stuffing Box. Lantern ring is provided to prevent air leakage during working under high suction

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