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General Infomartion about Hand Pumps

Here we take a look at some details about Handpump Technology

Hand Pump Water Supply

Financial and Logistical benefits

Wells equipped with handpumps are among the simplest of community water supply technologies. Compared with electric or diesel pumps, handpumps require substantially less financial resources. With the right planning, Handpump based community water supply can be maintained by the benefitting communities, themselves.

Health Benefits

It is very important that the drinking water should be safe and potable. Ground water is safe and dependable. A number of well designed studies have produced substantial evidence that health benefits arise when communities received improved water supplies. A review of International Studies from many countries show a substantial reduction in diarrheal mortality rates in young children, attributable to water supply.

Other Benefits

Some other Benefits from community water supply improvement are immediate and highly visible. Access to a convenient source of clean water bring, time saving and reduced drudgery, for the household water carriers, commonly women and children; gives them more time for other productive works. The availability of water for washing and bathing encourages greater cleanliness, and leads to better living conditions.



Each tubewell must be provided with a concrete platform around the pump for the following reasons :

  1. It provides a strong foundation around the pump pedestal.
  2. It prevents used water from entering the tubewell and thus, saves the tubewell water from contamination.
  3. It provides a good sanitary seal for the tubewell.
  4. It provides firm, dry, good operational area.

The platform is constructed to the required size and dimension.These platform are similar for most handpumps. The operating floor and the waste water drain are inescapable parts of the tubewell platform.


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