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1. Please provide me information about the following Pumps

Shallowell Handpump
TARA Direct Action Handpump
India Mark 2
India Mark 3

Extra Deepwell Handpump
Afridev Handpump
Malawi Treadle Pump
Zimbabwe / Metal Treadle Pump
PVC Pipes
Components for corrosive water
Centrifugal Pump
Any Other products ( Please specify )

2. The maximum  Depth of Static Water Table during summers, where the pump is to be installed is Please enter the depth. meters

3. The number of Pumps I want to Purchase is . Requests for less than 50 pumps cannot be processed due to logistical reasons.

4. I want the pumps shipped to 

5. I want the following details
Price Information
Following Additional information

6. My contact Information
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