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India Mark 2 Handpump

Mark 2 Handpump


India Mark 2 is the largest selling handpump in the word and is used in many countries of the world as the backbone of their community water supply.It is suitable for a depth of upto 50 meters.The pump body parts are Hot-Dip Galvanized and as such are extremely durable over the years.We are supplying the pumps and accessories to Many parts of Africa & Asia.

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While it is a very sturdy pump, it is very important that the pump be manufactured to very exacting standards with strict adherence to quality control.

Millions of India Mark 2 Pumps are lying broken and unused in the field.The main reason behind this is that low quality pump are purchased to save a few dollars and then these pumps break down very quickly and defeat the very purpose of their existence.
The India Mark 2 Pumps is also available in the following versions:

  • Force & Lift India Mark 2 with a choice of Stands like Telescopic, 3 legged, Square pedestal , Vergnet type stand etc
  • Extra Deepwell India Mark 2
  • Ghana Modified India Mark 2.


hand pump

Millions of lives in this world have been changed for the better because of the availability of clean drinking water from India Mark 2 Handpumps.An Indian magzine recently listed India Mark 2 Handpump as one of the defining inventions of all times in the country.

For places where the water is very corrosive, the following components are available:

        A Special Installation cum Maintenance toolkit is also available for these pumps

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