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Zimbabwe Treadle Pump / Metal Treadle Pump

Zimbabwe Treadle Pump

Introduction: The Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is a High Performance, Fully Galvanized all Steel Treadle pump used for lifting water from shallow wells and surface sources. It is operated by a single person standing on the metal treadles.

Discharge Capacity: The Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is capable of delivering 5000 liters of water from a depth of 5 meters while being operated by a single person. It is also capable of delivering this discharge to upto  20 meters of horizontal and 3 meters of vertical distance.

Maximum Depth: As with any suction pump, the pump is capable of working  upto a maximum depth of 8 meters. However, operation beyond 7 meters is not recommended to preserve the integrity of the rubber components.

Galvanizing : The pumps is fully Hot Dip Galvanized at our In- House Hot Dip Galvanizing. All fasteners are Electroplated.

Barrel Assembly: Twin Barrels of 110 mm ID and 2 mm thickness.

Cup Seal & Flapper Valve: Made of 100% Nitrile rubber.
Inlet & Outlet Pipe: These are made from 1 1/4” NB of OD 43 mm & Wall thickness of 3 mm.These are suitable to fit a suction hose / poly pipe of 40 mm.

Pulley: Made from Cast iron and can accommodate heavy duty steel rope of 6 mm.

Toolkit & Spare Kit: Each pump  is supplied with spares like cup seals , flap valves and tools require for maintenance.

Non- Slip rubber for Treadles: The Steel  treadles of the pump are covered with a Non-slip rubber sleeves to prevent the foot from slipping while operating the pump.

The Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is also known as Metal Treadle Pump or Steel Treadle Pump


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